Ocean Discovery - Africa

Democratizing Ocean Discovery - the African Way!

We are ambitious Africans who want to bring ocean discovery to the masses. So, we have joined the Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE to make this happen today! And we also want to inspire Africans to take up grand challenges and solve them. Ocean Discovery - Africa (OD-Africa) is the brainchild of Enyinam Technologies Limited - a technology research centric private organization in Africa. OD - Africa is also supported by the University of Energy and Natural Resources (UENR) - Sunyani, Ghana.


What we are aiming to achieve

The Ocean Discovery - Africa (OD-Africa) team aims to make ocean exploration and discovery accessible to all. We aim to develop a low cost robust AUV/ROV with the following capabilities within the time frame of the competition.

Portable Ocean Exploration Lab

Imagine having a full fledge lab at the bottom ocean! What can't you explore?

Web Searchable Ocean Database

With a realtime indexing database solutions, everyone can have access to information about the ocean!

Energy Efficient System

Energy is the main challenge to ROVs. So we decided, why not advance new alternative energy systems?


Intelligent and Intuitive to Operate AUV/ROV

A system that is technical will hinder science and exploration: what if our system required zero training?

Ocean Health Friendly Priority

We care about the oceans, so we won't pollute or do anything to mess up the beautiful ecosystem. Ocean health is our design priority!

Realtime Data Uplink/Downlink

Imagine a video conference call with the ocean, 6000m deep! This would be amaizing!!

Photos Gallery

Take a look at our photos. We will be sharing some of our events with you as we embark on this journey. Cheers.


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Meet the Team

We're a small, friendly and talented elite African team. Every member of our team has spent many hours polishing professional skills and earning a unique experience. So let's meet some of our key members:


Dr. Mark Amo-Boateng

Team Leader

Mark is a lecturer in engineering at the University of Energy and Natural Resources, Sunyani - Ghana. Mark is innovative and leads the team with his crazy ambitions and ideas.


Akosua Buabeng Boateng

Marketing / PR

Akosua has an MBA in marketing. Her experience and communication skills puts us together. She makes it easy for us to communicate with the rest of the world.


Dr. Emmanuel Baisie

Mechanical/Structural Engineer

Baisie has a PhD in Industrial Engineering and is currently with R&D at Cabot Microelectronics. His unique experience will see our ROV succeed.


Dr. Marvin Aidoo

Computer/Systems Engineer

Marvin loves controls and electronics. He desgins control systems for giant organizatons and will want to make our ROV intuitive to operate. Marvin in our spinal cord.

The rest of the team:

Carolyn Alia Joko (Ph.D): Biosystems Engineer. Peter Twumasi: Power Systems Technician. Communications Technologist. Martin Kyere Domfeh: CFD Design Engineer. Robert Sumah: Legal Advisor.

  • « It is time for Africans to take part in grand challenges definately OD-Africa team will inspire many Africans to do so »

    Dr. Amos Kabo-bah University of Energy and Natural Resources - Sunynani, Ghana

  • « This is a great opportunity to showcase the innovations from the continent »

    Prof. Bob Andoh AWD Consult - Maine, USA

  • « A step in the right direction. We must contribute to advancement of science and technology to explore our own oceans »

    Prof. Mrs. Esi Awuah Kwame Nkrumah Univesity of Science and Technology - Kumasi, Ghana

  • « The ministry is happy to support such good initiatives. Ghana is very proud »

    Adelaide Ministry of Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation - Ghana

Still have questions, get back to us!

+233-(0)26-464-8936 | +233-(0)24-464-8936 | m.amo@oceandiscoveryafrica.com